Juando - 4 Months

juando - 4 months
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  1. Xanman

    Xanman5 months ago

    Moody drop soon run bro up

  2. Tayydanavy !!

    Tayydanavy !!3 months ago


  3. Mr.Music

    Mr.Music5 months ago

    When we been waiting for a brick halmes

  4. SySociety

    SySociety5 months ago

    Aye moe say less holmes bout time you hop back on the moody tip. Them use to be the days moe, we took his work and my Bruva ran off with it🤞🏾🕺🏾

  5. Dre Promoo

    Dre Promoo5 months ago


  6. Jewuan _plays

    Jewuan _playsMonth ago

    Xanman dis dope

  7. Boof Lips

    Boof Lips4 months ago

    Lil crackBaby was going crazy😂😂 L

  8. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith4 months ago

    bass is wavy 🏄‍♂️🌊🏄‍♂️

  9. tututut tuttututu

    tututut tuttututu4 months ago

    This shit fyeeeeeeee

  10. Sinstrumental Beats

    Sinstrumental Beats4 months ago


  11. Levi Alsop

    Levi Alsop5 months ago

    0:11 What Sample Is It From... Like I Know It’s From a Throwback Song

  12. Hezva

    Hezva5 months ago


  13. Carlos Spence

    Carlos Spence5 months ago


  14. Balenciaga Fetish

    Balenciaga Fetish5 months ago


  15. Drippin' Sauce

    Drippin' Sauce5 months ago

    Like 200

  16. Diss ClayCoCamm

    Diss ClayCoCamm5 months ago

    Had to run that bit back one time with a blunt

  17. Josh C

    Josh C5 months ago

    Kaydoo gang man RIP big dawg

  18. Righ

    Righ5 months ago

    1k views but only 100 likes y'all need stop playing bruh run then likes up

  19. o o

    o o5 months ago


  20. RepCapalot

    RepCapalot5 months ago


  21. uub 1k

    uub 1k5 months ago

    This Man Xan been on his Youngmanny sht droppin all signing bullsht

  22. Illusion

    Illusion5 months ago

    No one wanted or asked for this

  23. DMV Live

    DMV Live5 months ago

    I did

  24. SySociety

    SySociety5 months ago

    Aye whole t Juando that nigga wallahi pede too. Niggas been spinnin on that rap tip. Them young niggas know if it’s up then it’s stuck

  25. CTRL DON

    CTRL DON5 months ago

    No offense,now i know my opinion doesn’t matter,but this song is trash,the auto tune ain’t it chief,this is 2020,not 2018,2017,2016

  26. Young Michael

    Young Michael5 months ago

    Here before 500

  27. Qua Glo

    Qua Glo5 months ago

    Plug music shit juando go hard too s/o to the DMV rocking with y'all in Memphis💯

  28. atesq Xbox

    atesq Xbox5 months ago

    Came for xan stayed for juando

  29. YoungSk

    YoungSk5 months ago


  30. T3 Twon

    T3 Twon5 months ago


  31. tyler h

    tyler h5 months ago

    at least be in the song. i thought u said u was something dropping tonight

  32. Imissvlone

    Imissvlone5 months ago

    Bro slappin ngl🔥

  33. T6TOLIT

    T6TOLIT5 months ago


  34. Ryan Beaty

    Ryan Beaty5 months ago

    If you don’t Like you will die broke.....

  35. OC SnxgTalk

    OC SnxgTalk5 months ago

    This bump mad hard💯🔥


    JOSH JUSTJOKING5 months ago

    Who tf this 🤣

  37. MadoF cavz

    MadoF cavz5 months ago


  38. Purrp Gaming

    Purrp Gaming5 months ago

    Xan need to drop foulin the plug pt2

  39. Basketball Commentary Pro

    Basketball Commentary Pro4 months ago


  40. Loki FERG

    Loki FERG5 months ago


  41. Ivan Bazuaye

    Ivan Bazuaye5 months ago

    Big xan!!!🤩

  42. king lit

    king lit5 months ago


  43. Biolithic

    Biolithic5 months ago

    Damn im not first but i tried

  44. Anti-Social-Swxn -

    Anti-Social-Swxn -5 months ago

    Noti gang 🐐

  45. Pucro

    Pucro5 months ago

    Who else ain’t heard from juando in a min?

  46. CashFirst HoezLater

    CashFirst HoezLater5 months ago

    Word since the Broken tape

  47. The Official Mel

    The Official Mel5 months ago


  48. atesq Xbox

    atesq Xbox5 months ago

    You headed to the top 💯

  49. Demaj Hills

    Demaj Hills5 months ago


  50. ThaOriginalJeremiah

    ThaOriginalJeremiah5 months ago

    I thought xan dropped sum😂

  51. J b

    J b5 months ago

    Droppin everything but moody

  52. Lil Dooder

    Lil Dooder5 months ago

    @Ivan Bazuaye how don’t you know Juando he been in a bunch of songs with Xanman

  53. Ivan Bazuaye

    Ivan Bazuaye5 months ago

    No cap bro who is this guy

  54. CrabbyTv

    CrabbyTv5 months ago


  55. Shelovesquazi

    Shelovesquazi5 months ago


  56. Fly Zee

    Fly Zee5 months ago

    fmoig @_yeahh.zee

  57. lenny peralta

    lenny peralta5 months ago

    Can I make you beats

  58. Aka Offodile

    Aka Offodile5 months ago

    13 seconds first

  59. Demaj Hills

    Demaj Hills5 months ago

    no one gives af bro

  60. William Carter- Class of 2022

    William Carter- Class of 20225 months ago


  61. TBB Twan

    TBB Twan5 months ago

    Big pluggg

  62. Pucro

    Pucro5 months ago


  63. Jaay Kayy

    Jaay Kayy5 months ago

    how much for a drop

  64. ImPluto

    ImPluto5 months ago


  65. Just Stxph

    Just Stxph5 months ago