Xanman - ICE [Official Music Video]

Xanman - ICE
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  1. DriqDroq

    DriqDroqYear ago

    who else waiting for “I’m tryna Yeah”

  2. Tayydanavy !!

    Tayydanavy !!7 months ago

    soundcloud.com/moretaylessyou/tayydanavy-cussing-freestyle 📌📌‼️🩸🔗

  3. Nigel McKenzie

    Nigel McKenzie7 months ago

    That shit heat

  4. Bounams

    Bounams11 months ago

    The video looks too goOd

  5. ohhkap

    ohhkap11 months ago

    Mane what

  6. Luh. Breez

    Luh. Breez11 months ago

    DriqDroq me

  7. Massin Dinero

    Massin Dinero4 days ago


  8. GeekinVibe

    GeekinVibe2 months ago


  9. 2Sleezy

    2Sleezy3 months ago

    uslikes.info/house/fK6vvtCvzZ6qlsg/video.html NEW GUNNA THANK ME LATER

  10. Sir Goop

    Sir Goop4 months ago

    1:04 the bird sound 🤧🔥

  11. Shola Montoute

    Shola Montoute4 months ago

    Baby don’t scratch my buss down

  12. Shola Montoute

    Shola Montoute4 months ago

    This too Slept on

  13. Nigel McKenzie

    Nigel McKenzie6 months ago

    Flow and bars CRAZY ❄️❄️ “Baby don’t scratch my bust down watch”

  14. Northern Ontario

    Northern Ontario6 months ago

    Still dont know how this didn’t hit a milly

  15. RPG ZAY

    RPG ZAY7 months ago

    underated at its finest

  16. JuicoKrazy •

    JuicoKrazy •7 months ago

    drop paris video

  17. RT HERBO

    RT HERBO7 months ago


  18. Alijah Cunningham

    Alijah Cunningham7 months ago

    We been rocking wit yhu xan we know you up next stay down till you kome up

  19. Alijah Cunningham

    Alijah Cunningham7 months ago

    Claim yo spot before he blow up

  20. JayyFrmBoynton

    JayyFrmBoynton8 months ago

    Sound just like Gucci by xammy

  21. Eliseo Justo

    Eliseo Justo8 months ago


  22. Jay Pound

    Jay Pound9 months ago

    In love wit her eyyyeeesss

  23. Sneaky Banditt

    Sneaky Banditt9 months ago

    they slept on dis one xan🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥

  24. ComeUp Beats

    ComeUp Beats9 months ago


  25. Moses Hodnett

    Moses Hodnett9 months ago

    I like your new flow

  26. Kyle Lamont

    Kyle Lamont9 months ago

    Shit not good lol

  27. Marquis Washington

    Marquis Washington9 months ago


  28. DeeTried

    DeeTried9 months ago

    Him and Rod Wave would be 🔥 They could be the new Fat Boys 😂

  29. Marquis Washington

    Marquis Washington10 months ago


  30. BigBuffy Pow

    BigBuffy Pow10 months ago

    him and these mf avengers references......still fire asf

  31. Devo Flexxx

    Devo Flexxx10 months ago

    I feel like mfs keep telling Xanman 2 sing cuz they kno that Sht don’t sound good an that’s gon mess up errbody 1st impression; when I 1st start showing people xanman errbody HAD to admit he was hard but NOBODY even liked the singing songs I played ,bro as a True listener go back to yo old self ,rod wave already the fat singer of this generation,take it back to B.O.D. , 7.62 mixtape ,Xan servin Sht

  32. Caroline Diamond

    Caroline Diamond10 months ago

    I honestly love his voice but that's my opinion

  33. Hezva

    Hezva10 months ago

    true but point was hard

  34. David Dejesus

    David Dejesus10 months ago

    Put a hold in his face like Kanye now he eat thru a wire

  35. Röschen

    Röschen10 months ago

    This songs views horribly underrated

  36. SLS Darian Tv

    SLS Darian Tv10 months ago

    Do he hit different wit speakers

  37. SLS Darian Tv

    SLS Darian Tv10 months ago


  38. Flood Love

    Flood Love10 months ago


  39. Jesus Luna

    Jesus Luna10 months ago


  40. Hedeshii

    Hedeshii10 months ago

    You fye bro 🔥they sleep fr

  41. Sfx Boy

    Sfx Boy10 months ago

    I. Know. Him. He. My. Cousin

  42. Cj Elliott

    Cj Elliott10 months ago

    U hard bruh no kap! I found u on my recommendation

  43. Rahmad Scott

    Rahmad Scott10 months ago

    🧟🧟🧟shit fie

  44. Joee

    Joee10 months ago

    WaxBando hard🔥

  45. Joee

    Joee10 months ago

    An Xan

  46. Lilape Floatin

    Lilape Floatin10 months ago

    Patek philipayyy🎼


    KYOR GYOTI10 months ago

    hit me for beatz like this ig kdn mp4

  48. Shnawn Bennett

    Shnawn Bennett10 months ago

    Hard af

  49. Shnawn Bennett

    Shnawn Bennett10 months ago


  50. Shnawn Bennett

    Shnawn Bennett10 months ago


  51. Kenn

    Kenn10 months ago

    this is trash no cap

  52. ShotByCameron

    ShotByCameron10 months ago

    I don’t understand how yall seriously like this shit.

  53. UrTechAssist

    UrTechAssist10 months ago

    Xan just a acquired taste nah everybody gon mess wit it he got better songs tho

  54. JuggKvngg

    JuggKvngg10 months ago

    Xan is really different🔥💯

  55. Daniel Reyes

    Daniel Reyes11 months ago

    he's good but i hate that he kinda sounds off beat

  56. Daniel Reyes

    Daniel Reyes11 months ago

    he makes the dmv look good

  57. Slump

    Slump11 months ago

    Bigwinn pmo 🔥🔥

  58. Brat130285

    Brat13028511 months ago

    Music is fine

  59. Brat130285

    Brat13028511 months ago

    Go and lose you weight buggy piggy

  60. ZPO Rxyxc

    ZPO Rxyxc11 months ago


  61. LuhGod Almighty

    LuhGod Almighty11 months ago

    Why this haven't hit 1M 🤦🏽‍♂️

  62. Mane Thats MainEvent

    Mane Thats MainEvent11 months ago

    @XanMan Remix Lets Get HANN??

  63. Tophskii

    Tophskii11 months ago

    Rod Wave Brother spitting

  64. 1219John

    1219John11 months ago

    "Wooooooo" Its some bout that adlib that hit different

  65. fnobaj

    fnobaj11 months ago

    tell me how i put my brother on ta dis song and now he tran jack XANMAN smhh

  66. Rey Miles

    Rey Miles11 months ago


  67. Its TreysWorld

    Its TreysWorld11 months ago

    I just played this 6 times in the span of 40 mins

  68. Papisuave 8G

    Papisuave 8G11 months ago


  69. Faze Toad

    Faze Toad11 months ago

    Baby I'm holding my chain in da dark u ain't gotta turn on no light

  70. ITN SwitchYT

    ITN SwitchYT11 months ago

    my favorite rapper no cap

  71. HBK Zay

    HBK Zay11 months ago

    0:08 😭😭

  72. rafael ziotto

    rafael ziotto11 months ago

    this is so fire

  73. Cameronn

    Cameronn11 months ago

    don't sell ya soul bro! u gon blow in due time

  74. SaucyyManii

    SaucyyManii11 months ago

    Lil more ganster version of rodwave

  75. ShotByCameron

    ShotByCameron10 months ago

    This shit way sweeter than Rod Wave 🏳️‍🌈atleast Rod Wave use his real voice & good at singing, this man just whine in a gay ass baby voice

  76. Alan J

    Alan J11 months ago

    The fuck he on the way to the strip club with all of those singles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Thug Zombie

    Thug Zombie11 months ago


  78. Rafael Rivas

    Rafael Rivas11 months ago

    this the most beautiful intro I ever heard sound like a happy movie ending

  79. Mob Kano

    Mob Kano11 months ago

    Rafael Rivas factsssssssss

  80. Darius Dinero

    Darius Dinero11 months ago

    bro so underrated

  81. Hotboytone

    Hotboytone11 months ago

    Fat niggas takin ova da industry🕺🏽🔥

  82. Chulo Bryant

    Chulo Bryant11 months ago

    Yea this shit different

  83. ChilligerSchwamm

    ChilligerSchwamm11 months ago

    we can say we were here before the hype

  84. SloppyBandZ TheCEO

    SloppyBandZ TheCEO11 months ago

    And xanman I fuck with you

  85. SloppyBandZ TheCEO

    SloppyBandZ TheCEO11 months ago

    To all music lovers Cincinnati Ohio doesn’t get enough attention with there music we have a lot of talent here. I would appreciate if the audience could take time and view a few songs from my channel. Would really be appreciated like I said we don’t get recognized here.

  86. Derrick Parker

    Derrick Parker11 months ago

    Hey hey 👋

  87. Famous Jey

    Famous Jey11 months ago


  88. Rod Robinson

    Rod Robinson11 months ago


  89. Mocitykayg

    Mocitykayg11 months ago

    Who else thought this was young chop lol

  90. Tavis Eagles

    Tavis Eagles11 months ago


  91. Lilmarbo

    Lilmarbo11 months ago

    Micro wave 🌊

  92. Dishawn McCutchen

    Dishawn McCutchen11 months ago

    I mess with the vibes

  93. IBoned UrMom

    IBoned UrMom11 months ago

    Where tf is the old xan man

  94. Shrivees

    Shrivees11 months ago

    What is the guitar intro called ?

  95. Nero DoN Hitz

    Nero DoN Hitz11 months ago

    Dem rolls aint come from no ATM, I can tell you that lol

  96. Woonami

    Woonami11 months ago


  97. that guy

    that guy11 months ago

    Not talking about anything

  98. itsyaboi dre

    itsyaboi dre11 months ago

    no kapp this nigga inspire me

  99. itsyaboi dre

    itsyaboi dre11 months ago

    xan so fucking bumping i been listening to him for 2 years now

  100. 3point Shooter

    3point Shooter11 months ago

    Nigga plz stop singing I type yo name in every few weeks to see if you dropped some “crank” this shit NOT IT plz don’t @ me I don’t wanna argue wit nobody

  101. Derek Morrison

    Derek Morrison11 months ago


  102. Tophskii

    Tophskii11 months ago

    No one betta say Xanman Next Up cause he already finna make it

  103. stackitupgoon Moe

    stackitupgoon Moe11 months ago

    Who tf made dis beat sheesh 🤯

  104. DN1 hazy

    DN1 hazy11 months ago

    Littlery thought this was grizzy

  105. Jus Bruce

    Jus Bruce11 months ago

    Fye 🔥

  106. Delow Making Hitz

    Delow Making Hitz11 months ago

    Dam Thought he was Young chop 🤣

  107. MoneyyMarco

    MoneyyMarco11 months ago


  108. Sharod Dalton

    Sharod Dalton11 months ago

    Get it xan yessir

  109. Kearis Agee

    Kearis Agee11 months ago


  110. M𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖔

    M𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖔11 months ago


  111. Notlick

    Notlick11 months ago

    Dam u went Hollywood on us

  112. Don Don

    Don Don11 months ago