Xanman - Different [Official Music Video]

Xanman - Different
Directed by Jack Daltom
Produced by Carlos Garcia
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  1. Illusion

    IllusionYear ago

    This was so much better than Shoot and Tractor. This is what I’ve been waiting on

  2. Bankroll MC

    Bankroll MC7 months ago

    Not better than tractor

  3. Bioheart

    Bioheart7 months ago

    No cap, I looked up both songs. I have them. About 2 months now. Testing this theory, and genuinely this post is right, I feel like this comment alone made me appreciate this song because Traktor is pretty decent, and Shoot! He went off. But somthing about DIFFRENT and heart broken just hit.

  4. Herbo Turbo

    Herbo Turbo11 months ago

    Illusion fscts

  5. Tayydanavy !!

    Tayydanavy !!Year ago


  6. I got aids and a small pee pee

    I got aids and a small pee peeYear ago

    Nah shoot fire af stop cappin

  7. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    If a grown man wear vans they a fruit

  8. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    1:23what he say

  9. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    He want the beat to follow him

  10. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    He is like the flash faster than sound

  11. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    Going fast on the song

  12. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    Well he is the flash

  13. 415getActive

    415getActive29 days ago

    can anybody suggest more songs like this...his uptempo turnt songs like this

  14. GeekinVibe

    GeekinVibe2 months ago


  15. ThaTrizzle

    ThaTrizzle3 months ago

    “Why you lie to my I ain’t Doooooo Shxt’’ 😒 Damn💔

  16. Yung Ice bb

    Yung Ice bb3 months ago

    " we gon mo "

  17. Dmoney Savage

    Dmoney Savage4 months ago

    Hardest shit I’ve heard bra🤝

  18. iNVu_-_Drip Yt

    iNVu_-_Drip Yt4 months ago


  19. Gabriel Susan Lewis

    Gabriel Susan Lewis4 months ago

    This was terrible

  20. ZaMandemFoo

    ZaMandemFoo4 months ago

    can somebody please make a remake of the beat

  21. AR GAMER

    AR GAMER4 months ago

    Wheres The Instrumental ?

  22. FlashFrmVA ‘

    FlashFrmVA ‘4 months ago

    Nigga stay on beat damnn

  23. G2 Smooth

    G2 Smooth5 months ago

    Who still waitin on xan to droop🔥❗️❗️.

  24. J Dakid

    J Dakid5 months ago

    He offbeat but he still spitting

  25. Darth Haze

    Darth Haze5 months ago

    My favorite song🔥

  26. PF Films

    PF Films5 months ago


  27. FamSandwich

    FamSandwich5 months ago

    This should be higher than almost 500000 when will niggas stop hating 😞

  28. Malc VS

    Malc VS7 months ago

    He said I could go to jail for my video different

  29. SammiNotSammy2x

    SammiNotSammy2x7 months ago

    “Black power I got my fist up” xanman all respect

  30. Stain James

    Stain James7 months ago

    “Man fuck probation moe we gone moe we bouta keep door his ass come on “ 🚫 fucking 🧢

  31. Denzel Boyd

    Denzel Boyd7 months ago

    Nigga some shit

  32. Denzel Boyd

    Denzel Boyd7 months ago

    Nigga some shit need go head tap out

  33. Marshall Mathers

    Marshall Mathers7 months ago

    “whole lotta paper i feel like a printer” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Yankee Withnobrim

    Yankee Withnobrim7 months ago

    Someone make an instrumental

  35. AR GAMER

    AR GAMER4 months ago


  36. Noah Sesay

    Noah Sesay7 months ago

    Xanman u up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Chop Cns

    Chop Cns8 months ago


  38. sah—

    sah—8 months ago

    Still hella underrated

  39. -EMPTY-

    -EMPTY-8 months ago

    "Man, fuck probation!" Im dead nigga

  40. Kknight1

    Kknight18 months ago


  41. Jexstus

    Jexstus8 months ago

    Xan one of em niggas that will beat u up because HIS skin too dark to tattoo, and ink aint stickin...

  42. Marshall Mathers

    Marshall Mathers8 months ago

    1.25x and 0.75x is fireeeeee


    VAPORZOG8 months ago

    Off beat

  44. Marcus Drizz

    Marcus Drizz8 months ago

    Why you lie to me I ain’t doooo sh**ttttt

  45. Brenda Rhodes

    Brenda Rhodes9 months ago

    Who else thought this was clean 0:38

  46. Stage Punk

    Stage Punk10 months ago

    can he hear the beat ??

  47. Rowsomg

    Rowsomg10 months ago

    rod wave brother

  48. solex

    solex10 months ago


  49. solex

    solex10 months ago


  50. solex

    solex10 months ago


  51. solex

    solex10 months ago


  52. solex

    solex10 months ago


  53. solex

    solex10 months ago


  54. Collin

    Collin10 months ago

    Killed it g

  55. solex

    solex10 months ago


  56. Fagidew69

    Fagidew6910 months ago

    Xanman in the night vision looks like a fat asian lol

  57. Godly

    Godly10 months ago

    Black power I got my fist up✊🏾! Xanman predicted us fighting back

  58. SammiNotSammy2x

    SammiNotSammy2x10 months ago

    “Black power I got my fist up✊🏾” that man xanman a real one for saying that #blm

  59. solex

    solex10 months ago


  60. solex

    solex10 months ago


  61. Death.proof.inc.

    Death.proof.inc.10 months ago

    This song is so catchyyyyyy😂

  62. solex

    solex10 months ago


  63. Gone

    Gone10 months ago


  64. DBXATZ

    DBXATZ10 months ago

    my mans can’t hear the beat 😂😂

  65. solex

    solex10 months ago


  66. solex

    solex10 months ago


  67. solex

    solex10 months ago


  68. solex

    solex10 months ago


  69. solex

    solex10 months ago


  70. solex

    solex10 months ago


  71. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooligan10 months ago

    Fuck the beat dude, i'm gonna rap to whatever rhythm I want, FUCK PROBATION

  72. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooligan10 months ago

    Just a word of advice, add one more X to your t-shirt size.

  73. Slimeo

    Slimeo10 months ago

    fuck probation 😂😂😂😂

  74. Prod. NotMxkh1

    Prod. NotMxkh111 months ago

    I might go to Germany speaking like HITLER!

  75. Wavy Manni

    Wavy Manni11 months ago

    I swear this xan man best

  76. Trevor Davis

    Trevor Davis11 months ago

    Bro it’s like he’s not following the beat the beat follows him 🤯


    KYNG VISUALS4 days ago

    No 🧢

  78. Forever Woo

    Forever Woo28 days ago

    I 👀 tht

  79. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson11 months ago

    This When Xanman At his Best, “Broken” Was By Far His Best Body Of Work ❗️

  80. Team464

    Team4646 months ago

    Nah his best song is Still ‘Song’

  81. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson11 months ago

    Xan 🤞🏾 Different

  82. YSN⚡️

    YSN⚡️11 months ago


  83. Devyn Rolle

    Devyn Rolle11 months ago

    off beat

  84. Lamont Amiri

    Lamont Amiri11 months ago

    Man dis shit offbeat asl y’all trippin

  85. SloppyBandZ TheCEO

    SloppyBandZ TheCEO11 months ago

    To all music lovers Cincinnati Ohio doesn’t get enough attention with there music we have a lot of talent here. I would appreciate if the audience could take time and view a few songs from my channel. Would really be appreciated like I said we don’t get recognized here.

  86. Alej Sosa

    Alej Sosa11 months ago

    Xanman got the cure for corona virus play 3times

  87. brandon

    brandon11 months ago

    whats wrong with vans?

  88. HelpStopDee

    HelpStopDee11 months ago

    this music video so godly

  89. Marcellus Mencarini

    Marcellus Mencarini11 months ago

    The chorus hit 🔥

  90. Marcellus Mencarini

    Marcellus Mencarini11 months ago


  91. kilo

    kilo11 months ago


  92. Alex Batupe

    Alex Batupe11 months ago

    Don't get killed for a pidgeon

  93. marr zq

    marr zqYear ago

    this better than point tbh

  94. m4marrr !

    m4marrr !Year ago


  95. ha

    haYear ago

    hes not even on beat 😭 but i still like him he has the best voice for music 😭

  96. luvaaas!

    luvaaas!Year ago

    lowkey offbeat...but still fire

  97. Dre 1k

    Dre 1kYear ago

    Why you lie to me, I ain’t dooooOoOoOoo shit

  98. J Bans

    J BansYear ago


  99. Tayydanavy !!

    Tayydanavy !!Year ago


  100. SmacksG

    SmacksGYear ago

    2 HOTTEST SONGS OUT 2020❗️🎯 uslikes.info/it/PLrMBzjxuWeDspMgJWLJeo5XvkhRls8Uf7

  101. Ek Solo

    Ek SoloYear ago

    If he was on beat this song would be so fire it still kinda snap tho :3

  102. dj squash kid

    dj squash kidYear ago

    i might go to germany speaking like h***** ....... VIBES

  103. 360 Bernard Jappah

    360 Bernard JappahYear ago


  104. Be gone THOTS!!!!

    Be gone THOTS!!!!Year ago


  105. Ke'anthony McNeil

    Ke'anthony McNeilYear ago

    Downgraded lil Tecca

  106. Almighty Pvt

    Almighty PvtYear ago

    He look like a rapper quadeca would put on

  107. Novack

    NovackYear ago

    Made a beat like this called it xanman different pt. 2

  108. Leaked

    LeakedYear ago

    0:36 *every white girl who listens to trap*

  109. johnny apocalyptic

    johnny apocalypticYear ago

    I got my foot on they neck in giuseppes

  110. shelovesflocco

    shelovesfloccoYear ago

    by june i’ll b rapping like this

  111. Day Diggs

    Day DiggsYear ago

    He musta been listening to Herbo lately

  112. Nick

    NickYear ago

    This a trap version of rod wave