Xanman - I Said [Official Audio]

Xanman - I Said
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  1. Xanman

    XanmanYear ago

    Quando on remix

  2. ZΣ Nathan Galaxies

    ZΣ Nathan Galaxies11 months ago



    ABH_KRASH11 months ago

    No yungmanny

  4. 88 E M P T Y

    88 E M P T YYear ago

    DAMN xan

  5. Jayy Rxbxl

    Jayy RxbxlYear ago

    Yes my two favorite rappers on one track could this be the cure

  6. Scuffy 420

    Scuffy 420Year ago

    Bet 💯

  7. Kejaun O'Connor

    Kejaun O'Connor3 months ago

    If polo g was on this would’ve been fire 🔥

  8. Ayoo Ryy

    Ayoo Ryy5 months ago

    Wassup wit that quando remix ?? When that’s dropping

  9. rayosama

    rayosama7 months ago

    Listening to this when you thinkin about a girl hit different 😭😭

  10. Keywanna Freeman

    Keywanna Freeman8 months ago

    Somebody make the instrumental

  11. King Ulu

    King Ulu9 months ago

    Man this dude drops bangers🥵

  12. Josh Groß

    Josh Groß10 months ago

    You should switch up from the classic DMV flow like this more often man 🔥

  13. Willie Walker jr

    Willie Walker jr10 months ago

    Ain't no one fw xan Ong 💯🤟🏾🎸

  14. Iso x Obito

    Iso x Obito11 months ago

    Bro this deserves 1 mil likes on god, keep putting these bangers xanman 🔥🔥

  15. Yvng Folks

    Yvng Folks11 months ago

    Beat ?

  16. Yvng Folks

    Yvng Folks11 months ago


  17. Roadrunna - Topic

    Roadrunna - TopicYear ago


  18. ba11out naz

    ba11out nazYear ago


  19. Mohamed Kanu

    Mohamed KanuYear ago


  20. Joel Yard

    Joel YardYear ago


  21. Jordan Alexander

    Jordan AlexanderYear ago


  22. Rickey Martin

    Rickey MartinYear ago

    Who here after the snippet🔥💔

  23. Female Doggy

    Female DoggyYear ago

    Probably my least favorite but even this one 🔥🔥

  24. Zyaire Phinizy

    Zyaire PhinizyYear ago

    shit is so hard waited sooo long for this man fuckkkkk

  25. AntiSocialSpray

    AntiSocialSprayYear ago

    I said I will give u the world baby girl show me yooo loyalty🔥🔥🔥

  26. ScrapDaGod

    ScrapDaGodYear ago

    I need beat as well shi heat

  27. Vira Made It

    Vira Made It10 months ago

    🙏thx bro got other beats on my channel as well, hit me up if you need some

  28. ScrapDaGod

    ScrapDaGodYear ago

    This so cold

  29. Lil Lan

    Lil LanYear ago

    This shit a hit without rondo

  30. Spiritual驚

    Spiritual驚Year ago


  31. Vira Made It

    Vira Made ItYear ago

    🙏🏽 Prod by me 💯

  32. T̶C̶ T̶C̶ T̶C̶

    T̶C̶ T̶C̶ T̶C̶3 months ago

    Classic my boy 🔥💯💪🏾🤦🏾‍♂️

  33. Vira Made It

    Vira Made It9 months ago

    @N1E CHOPPA a spiced up Spinz 808

  34. N1E CHOPPA

    N1E CHOPPA10 months ago

    Im not gone cap dis beat right here just fire wat 808 u ise

  35. Vira Made It

    Vira Made It10 months ago

    @Yvng Folks why tf would I go google shit

  36. Yvng Folks

    Yvng Folks11 months ago

    Vira Made It you laying

  37. Heirr

    HeirrYear ago


  38. Sub 2 Me

    Sub 2 MeYear ago

    To Osiris

  39. ToneLocs V

    ToneLocs VYear ago

    Xanman Blessings us with all these bangers today 😆🙏

  40. SlimeLuv11 •

    SlimeLuv11 •Year ago

    We gon collab when I blow 💯❌🧢

  41. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago

    Get better at rapping

  42. blixkyman

    blixkymanYear ago

    girl shut yo hating ass up , you juss mad kuz he balling & stunting on you😂💯

  43. Jayy Rxbxl

    Jayy RxbxlYear ago

    @Anahí K that funny but serious I want hear a song from you

  44. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago

    Anxietyzz you still play fort nite I can’t take you seriously

  45. XanStyle

    XanStyleYear ago

    Anxietyzz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Drippy757

    Drippy757Year ago

    Shut yo pencil neck ass up

  47. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago


  48. Ryan Voltaire

    Ryan VoltaireYear ago

    Anahí K You’re on the song goofy. Stop supporting him lmao.

  49. Manu Hameed

    Manu HameedYear ago

    Hating ass he made a story outta his live and you just a word in his book bitch

  50. Herry Yon

    Herry YonYear ago

    Need that Quando verse and I'm Gucci

  51. DannyGG

    DannyGGYear ago


  52. KMT KEY

    KMT KEYYear ago


  53. KMT KEY

    KMT KEYYear ago

    I SAID 😢😢😢

  54. nuruuu

    nuruuuYear ago

    oof💿 shit goin platnium

  55. simpstarz

    simpstarzYear ago


  56. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunderYear ago

    Definitely a bop to crank on the way to work 9:9


    BCG FRØSTYear ago


  58. KoolanK

    KoolanKYear ago

    might be my favorite 🔥

  59. KoolanK

    KoolanK9 months ago

    Baaaye 5Ł hell no gtf moe

  60. keemaa

    keemaa9 months ago

    I said I was playin , yuu gotta be under 14 -

  61. keemaa

    keemaa9 months ago

    ngl yu look like dork 😭, I’m playin.

  62. Manu Hameed

    Manu HameedYear ago

    same its to heat

  63. lil dabby

    lil dabbyYear ago


  64. Yk KennyYT

    Yk KennyYTYear ago


  65. Wya kobe

    Wya kobeYear ago


  66. FastlaneKori

    FastlaneKoriYear ago

    Where quando

  67. OnSlatt

    OnSlattYear ago


  68. Zicko Zoe

    Zicko ZoeYear ago

    wheres quando rondo part?

  69. XanStyle

    XanStyleYear ago

    DuRtiNYFaCE Dash he dropping a deluxe?

  70. DuRtiNYFaCE Dash

    DuRtiNYFaCE DashYear ago

    He said some bout its gonna be on the deluxe

  71. LilBoo Gambino

    LilBoo GambinoYear ago

    Thank Jesus 🤦🏾‍♂️ Been waiting on this So long

  72. dmv angel

    dmv angelYear ago


  73. Mamadou Koite

    Mamadou KoiteYear ago


  74. CarNage

    CarNageYear ago