Xanman - My Fault [Official Audio]

Xanman - My Fault
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#Xanman #MyFault #I'mABadPerson


  1. 4pfmarv

    4pfmarv2 months ago

    I’m not cha father u can’t tell me what to do😂🔥

  2. Kj Sumner

    Kj Sumner2 months ago

    He had a unreleased track called “Gang scriptures” and I can’t find it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Mrs.capalot

    Mrs.capalot4 months ago

    Here from bigwinnn story 😭

  4. Theofficial ThirtyEight

    Theofficial ThirtyEight6 months ago

    Such a original rapper I’ve bean listen for 2 years

  5. carlos m

    carlos m7 months ago

    Who prod this ? Anybody kno ?

  6. RealBooters

    RealBooters8 months ago

    Whoever broke my heart they gonna regret it sooner or later🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Angel Aegis

    Angel Aegis9 months ago

    This is my latest fav omg this is bad ass.

  8. Dxlvin Back up

    Dxlvin Back up10 months ago


  9. Av Vlogs

    Av Vlogs10 months ago

    Play at 1.25 speed u welcome

  10. NoFlexMike

    NoFlexMike10 months ago

    Best plug

  11. Andy Gitanga

    Andy Gitanga11 months ago

    ur jih Underfuckinrated

  12. ZΣ Nathan Galaxies

    ZΣ Nathan Galaxies11 months ago

    All xans songs are lit

  13. michael daDon

    michael daDon11 months ago

    Someone need to remake this beat.

  14. NoFlexMike

    NoFlexMike11 months ago


  15. Benjamin Richards

    Benjamin Richards11 months ago

    Intro of this fire lol keep that flow

  16. Iceberg Slim

    Iceberg Slim11 months ago

    Kick door they like who bought ah rifle in piss on tha floor Ya know that she trifling 🤒

  17. nick name

    nick name11 months ago

    "Most of these niggas day that they real" 😿

  18. nick name

    nick name11 months ago

    She said that she never had a real nigga but u beside one...😔😞

  19. nick name

    nick name11 months ago

    I really thought u was my man😞😔

  20. Maurice Treadwell

    Maurice TreadwellYear ago

    Much love I fucks with dis!!! Good job cuz!

  21. TTI_ kakarot

    TTI_ kakarotYear ago

    This is a bop 🔥🔥🔥

  22. RezPlaysGanes

    RezPlaysGanesYear ago

    This is hard aam 🔥🔥🔥🔥 go Listen to soldier and different

  23. cowee

    coweeYear ago

    why doesn't this song have a milli yet no cap

  24. Daf Srt!

    Daf Srt!Year ago

    2:20 to 2:30 my favorite part

  25. Kaneko!

    Kaneko!8 months ago


  26. designermywaist

    designermywaistYear ago


  27. NickNyc

    NickNycYear ago

    0:05 at first I thought he said “bit*h hit the sidewalk” then I realized he said “bi*ch u beside one”

  28. Kxritoo

    KxritooYear ago


  29. Daniel Phantom

    Daniel PhantomYear ago

    So nobody gon talk about how the artwork hard asf

  30. omar Omarion

    omar OmarionYear ago

    If you know u putting a dislikes don't put it

  31. Matthew Van Niekerk

    Matthew Van NiekerkYear ago

    Dis hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Fabian Ombaso

    Fabian OmbasoYear ago

    but it wasnt my fault

  33. RugDman98

    RugDman98Year ago

    Dam 🔥

  34. Chicagorilla312

    Chicagorilla312Year ago

    Just fucked my homie bm to this.... But it wasn't my fault

  35. LuhGod Almighty

    LuhGod AlmightyYear ago

    Xan you the GOAT ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Female Doggy

    Female DoggyYear ago

    This one too 🔥 might be the best one

  37. AntiSocialSpray

    AntiSocialSprayYear ago

    Xan I'm hear intill a mill

  38. Darius Augustus Webb

    Darius Augustus WebbYear ago

    Xan da greatest of all time dmv

  39. Ron Nyc

    Ron Nyc10 months ago

    @rellswervooo oh thx I was confused bc mad ppl be commenting about the dmv

  40. rellswervooo

    rellswervooo10 months ago

    @Ron Nyc Dc, Maryland, and Virginia but we don't really count virginia bruh

  41. Ron Nyc

    Ron Nyc10 months ago

    @rellswervooo what DMV mean

  42. rellswervooo

    rellswervooo10 months ago

    @Carl Kpsplucky q don't count he alr made it out

  43. Carl Kpsplucky

    Carl Kpsplucky11 months ago

    Him and Q bout equal

  44. John

    JohnYear ago

    xan we needa deluxe now

  45. Zack May

    Zack MayYear ago


  46. Spiritual驚

    Spiritual驚Year ago

    This tape is better than broken 💔

  47. Elijah hawkins

    Elijah hawkins7 months ago


  48. J b

    J b8 months ago

    Ahhhh idk man

  49. Darian Lefler

    Darian LeflerYear ago

    Keep going crazy bro

  50. Darian Lefler

    Darian LeflerYear ago


  51. Heirr

    HeirrYear ago


  52. KijuanJ73

    KijuanJ73Year ago


  53. coreyyduhh

    coreyyduhhYear ago

    this the one I've been waiting on . i was tired of listening to the snippet over and over 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  54. Vcompetentz

    VcompetentzYear ago

    too gas

  55. Herry Yon

    Herry YonYear ago

    I pray for the ones who fell asleep waiting for this to drop so they can wake up and listen to it

  56. KMT KEY

    KMT KEYYear ago

    i can relate to this shi 👌

  57. KMT KEY

    KMT KEYYear ago


  58. Manny

    MannyYear ago

    Every song hard so far fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥stay safe ya

  59. nick name

    nick nameYear ago

    All these hard for the most part💪

  60. Dirty red

    Dirty redYear ago


  61. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunderYear ago

    This nigga the goat i swear, y is he not on top

  62. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunderYear ago

    🧡🖤8:8🖤🧡🔥She said she aint never had a real nigga, bitch you beside one🔥

  63. MBM richie

    MBM richieYear ago

    This is it xan🔥🔥🔥

  64. Quanboy1

    Quanboy1Year ago

    Do you control the stick you not a fire stick 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Yk KennyYT

    Yk KennyYTYear ago


  66. KoolanK

    KoolanKYear ago

    certified trapper 🦇🤝

  67. Duwaq

    DuwaqYear ago


  68. JayPHAMO 2X

    JayPHAMO 2XYear ago


  69. Getrich Quick

    Getrich QuickYear ago

    Oh dis bitch go in

  70. Wya kobe

    Wya kobeYear ago


  71. Omari Watkins

    Omari WatkinsYear ago

    Plug love ❤️❤️❤️