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  1. Dxurt

    Dxurt6 days ago

    xan so versatile how couldn’t you like him 😂🔥

  2. Antonio cardee'

    Antonio cardee'20 hours ago

    That’s what make me keep tabs on him lol 😂🔥

  3. Carlos Spence

    Carlos SpenceDay ago

    @Slix UV nigga what about the song the baby by xanman that shii 🔥 Stop hating

  4. Slix UV

    Slix UVDay ago

    @Carlos Spence bro the only good song from there is pink he’s so ass 💀💀

  5. Carlos Spence

    Carlos SpenceDay ago

    @Slix UV and Gucci down was a vibe

  6. Carlos Spence

    Carlos SpenceDay ago

    @Slix UV that is cap af. Xanman make good songs like the song Shake it, first day out, pink pt1, pink pt2, ice and more You probably don’t even know none of these songs. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Darth Haze

    Darth Haze6 hours ago

    Yesir 🔥🔥

  8. sorie kaba

    sorie kaba6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who hear no cap?

  9. Jay Baker

    Jay Baker12 hours ago

    anybody kno the sample he using?

  10. Vlone•ethereal •

    Vlone•ethereal •17 hours ago

    What is wrong with these niggas 🤦🏽‍♂️ dropping so much heat

  11. YerkyYT

    YerkyYT17 hours ago


  12. Joshua Guerrero

    Joshua Guerrero20 hours ago

    He on some Durk, Polo G type shit

  13. Joe Mamma

    Joe MammaDay ago


  14. Greatness

    GreatnessDay ago

    Still one of my favorite artist

  15. Goat pepper herbal tea

    Goat pepper herbal teaDay ago

    My favorite rapper tbh

  16. Chrysoo

    ChrysooDay ago

    Fat Xan 🐐

  17. Spikey_ Lemonface

    Spikey_ LemonfaceDay ago


  18. Trvde !

    Trvde !Day ago

    Rod wave

  19. UglyBoy Trey

    UglyBoy TreyDay ago


  20. Big Xessekcam

    Big XessekcamDay ago

    Gotta good fan base 🔥

  21. Worthy Jayy

    Worthy JayyDay ago

    Man xan punchlines is amazing 🔥

  22. BrdyDzn

    BrdyDznDay ago


  23. Joshua Duartes

    Joshua DuartesDay ago

    he don’t miss

  24. K1ngKobieTraps

    K1ngKobieTraps2 days ago


  25. redroomdro

    redroomdro2 days ago

    Who edited this video

  26. Goat pepper herbal tea

    Goat pepper herbal teaDay ago

    Wax bando I bet

  27. CALLME 1K

    CALLME 1K2 days ago

    Ppl was hating on em when he was 🔥 now y'all love the this trash🤔

  28. zayy 2good

    zayy 2good2 days ago

    Xan voice so vibby on this bih

  29. Kai Gatwas

    Kai Gatwas3 days ago

    dis shii firee

  30. Sam Kabiru

    Sam Kabiru3 days ago

    This song fye 🔥🔥🇰🇪

  31. JuugNem

    JuugNem3 days ago

    Xan turning into rod wave

  32. Female Doggy

    Female Doggy3 days ago

    Ain’t too many rappers coming out the same wave or background as Xan that are willing to experiment like he does🔥

  33. Kashout KB

    Kashout KB3 days ago


  34. Shaad LN

    Shaad LN3 days ago

    Xan you a pain in the ass 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ damn bra


    ZELKAHH3 days ago

    Bout time

  36. Quentin Mingo

    Quentin Mingo3 days ago

    this song fie he lookin at are playlist

  37. Big Soulja’s Son

    Big Soulja’s Son3 days ago

    Dude what did he sample ? 😂



    Ok rylo Rodriguez

  39. Ronald Weedly

    Ronald Weedly3 days ago

    Toosi could be in the remix

  40. Desean Harris

    Desean Harris3 days ago

    No xan

  41. JamstarrBam

    JamstarrBam3 days ago

    Yeaaa xan😂🔥

  42. Young Royale

    Young Royale3 days ago

    "I want you to love me but I don't think I should" I felt that

  43. DeA'ndre

    DeA'ndre4 days ago


  44. 2flyzack tv

    2flyzack tv4 days ago

    Xan my if got disabled, but I’m proud of you PLUG MUSIC 🖤

  45. 2flyzack tv

    2flyzack tv4 days ago


  46. solo AJ

    solo AJ4 days ago

    Awh yeah 🤝🔥

  47. Marty Lewis Jr

    Marty Lewis Jr4 days ago

    Rylo flow

  48. jordy Rawww

    jordy Rawww4 days ago

    Finally halmes🔥

  49. JuuHub

    JuuHub4 days ago

    Massively underrated

  50. Rareplay Zz

    Rareplay Zz4 days ago

    I can’t make out the lyrics. Nice flow, beat, and vocals. Just needs clarity

  51. Solomon Bullet

    Solomon Bullet3 days ago

    I wish I could see the future like tha Nigguh at made life is good,

  52. Paid Rob

    Paid Rob4 days ago

    My boy back🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. 40ShotKosherKorver

    40ShotKosherKorver4 days ago


  54. SlimeLuv11 •

    SlimeLuv11 •4 days ago


  55. god

    god4 days ago

    yoo i had no fucking clue what he said


    KYNG VISUALS4 days ago

    We need 1mill on this no 🧢


    MULLAHBOYY STAXX4 days ago

    U hard bih

  58. Lil Disel

    Lil Disel4 days ago

    WAIT we got lowkey baby voice xan

  59. MalcGotClout

    MalcGotClout4 days ago

    This why I fw xan your flows on another level 🔥

  60. Kobe Beavers

    Kobe Beavers4 days ago

    Okayyy this that RyloZan right here 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Unreleased Trackzz

    Unreleased Trackzz4 days ago

    Autotune xan🔥

  62. band man

    band man4 days ago

    Video on point

  63. P3RCYG

    P3RCYG4 days ago


  64. T-MONEY -Topic

    T-MONEY -Topic4 days ago


  65. trap stack

    trap stack4 days ago

    where is heard cuz is hot 2? This isnt it

  66. *Led Noskcaj*

    *Led Noskcaj*4 days ago

    Xanman is the man.

  67. *Led Noskcaj*

    *Led Noskcaj*4 days ago


  68. Eddie Cash

    Eddie Cash4 days ago

    Xanman ain't the same nomore

  69. River Ringo

    River Ringo4 days ago

    Who tf made the beat

  70. James Caputo

    James Caputo4 days ago

    what is this bullshit? You fans need to stop lying to him. yall half the problem!! this new shit needa stop lol Sounds terrible dog. old flow was way better

  71. 88 E M P T Y

    88 E M P T Y4 days ago

    DMV’S best

  72. Prod. By Eeezy

    Prod. By Eeezy4 days ago

    Xan got in his NoCap/Rylo bag on this joint 🔥

  73. bigjay

    bigjay4 days ago

    Ight this was good tho 👌

  74. SlimezWtf

    SlimezWtf4 days ago

    Fucking pressssssssssure mannnnnnn💨

  75. Trajuan Harris

    Trajuan Harris5 days ago

    I love you to the moon n back my nigga he had to pay my lawyer

  76. Trajuan Harris

    Trajuan Harris5 days ago

    All that beefin on Instagram that’s how his brother

  77. Trajuan Harris

    Trajuan Harris5 days ago

    I want you love me but I feel like I shouldn’t 💯

  78. j4hxnnid

    j4hxnnid5 days ago

    oh yuh

  79. 96 Steeze

    96 Steeze5 days ago

    This nikka experimenting....and its 7 out of 10 what that tell you?

  80. Bird Man

    Bird Man5 days ago

    Trying sound like rylo too much...need his own style...

  81. Lucks Not_Yt

    Lucks Not_Yt5 days ago

    “i get goosebumps when i see you like R. L Stine”💆🏿‍♂️

  82. Lilman Hendog

    Lilman Hendog5 days ago

    “They told me don’t me a menace Lik ashtray” This boy xan be crankin 💯

  83. BrdyDzn

    BrdyDzn5 days ago

    🐐 🐐 🐐

  84. Luhpino

    Luhpino5 days ago

    xan please, i’m starving for some hard shit😣

  85. Nique So Exquisite

    Nique So Exquisite5 days ago


  86. Jordan Warren

    Jordan Warren5 days ago

    dude is soooo fyeee album finna slap 🔥‼️

  87. CQuinte Chika

    CQuinte Chika5 days ago

    Is Xan signed?

  88. kingjeezy10

    kingjeezy105 days ago

    “I’ve been tryna see the Future like the guy who made Life is Good”... NIGGA IS TOP 2 and NOT 2❗️❗️❗️❗️

  89. Big K

    Big K5 days ago

    I paused at 40 seconds ... Liked the video .. Took it back 2 more times ... Ok here we go 🔥🔥🔥🔥🛩🛩🛩👍🏿

  90. JOJO

    JOJO5 days ago

    I Get Goosebumps When I Think About You R.L Stine

  91. Trilfiger

    Trilfiger5 days ago

    Ayo Stfu Xan jus uploaded 🔥

  92. AJ Bxndz

    AJ Bxndz5 days ago

    his voice better than ariana grandes and taylor swifts combined

  93. Beatsworld

    Beatsworld5 days ago

    flow like a madman 🖤

  94. Nitrolixo

    Nitrolixo5 days ago

    xanman should be reaching billboards on every song !!

  95. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe5 days ago

    Xan fell off so hard, his pop songs are so fucking whack

  96. Almighty Alv

    Almighty Alv5 days ago

    Spam it out!!

  97. Almighty Alv

    Almighty Alv5 days ago


  98. Almighty Alv

    Almighty Alv5 days ago


  99. LulDev2x

    LulDev2x5 days ago

    Ngl this xan sound like rylo 😬

  100. LulDev2x

    LulDev2x5 days ago

    but it still crank

  101. PlayboiBron-

    PlayboiBron-5 days ago

    dont miss!

  102. Zay Sav

    Zay Sav5 days ago

    Fuck this bs I want old xan 2018 xan

  103. Eazzy

    Eazzy5 days ago


  104. Durr

    Durr5 days ago

    Man Released this song but not the album

  105. Shugg Deniro

    Shugg Deniro5 days ago

    I need this beat💯🔥🔥

  106. William Sanders

    William Sanders5 days ago

    singin while servin type shit

  107. Sean Johnson

    Sean Johnson5 days ago

    Most mfs in the comments hating don't miss a story or a post

  108. Sean Johnson

    Sean Johnson5 days ago

    Mfs came straight from Instagram

  109. Sean Johnson

    Sean Johnson5 days ago

    You need more Recognition‼️


    LILHEADMYLES5 days ago

    Edits are 2 hard