Xanman - Make That Sound


  1. IslandBoy Leek

    IslandBoy Leek3 months ago

    Omm This Shii Slapp 🚫🧢

  2. DennisOnMobile

    DennisOnMobile4 months ago

    This song gives me good vibes

  3. Which way, white man

    Which way, white man4 months ago

    this that baby makin anthem

  4. CBandz

    CBandz4 months ago

    Can u drop SHOTS FIRED

  5. Josh C

    Josh C5 months ago

    RIP kaydoo

  6. Fizz Abzz

    Fizz Abzz5 months ago

    A milli views

  7. Jordan Loud

    Jordan Loud5 months ago

    wowwwwww he actually dropped it!!!

  8. Lag

    Lag5 months ago


  9. itz stikz

    itz stikz5 months ago


  10. YSN⚡️

    YSN⚡️5 months ago

    On Sn this shit hard💯💯💯

  11. iHateMondayz

    iHateMondayz5 months ago

    Calm down Xan dont pull out the bars

  12. Saquan Young

    Saquan Young5 months ago


  13. Keke O.T

    Keke O.T6 months ago

    one of your best songs no kizzy

  14. Heyy Jugg

    Heyy Jugg6 months ago

    Me ft Xanman on my page go check it out

  15. Drelyn Walker

    Drelyn Walker6 months ago

    This song is so underrated Ong 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥

  16. 410Tay

    410Tay6 months ago


  17. Hezva

    Hezva6 months ago

    xan could be world famous if he really wanted to😂 don’t know a lot of niggas i could say dat abt 😭

  18. Marco Casafranca

    Marco Casafranca6 months ago

    xanman leading the new wave of dmv rappers

  19. D Rock

    D Rock6 months ago

    this my shit fam 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Tr!p _

    Tr!p _6 months ago

    Xanman x Trippie redd x lil uzi 🚀



    Give me 2 minutes skeettit

  22. Spectate Drake

    Spectate Drake6 months ago

    For those who said he’d delete this or take it down, BOW DOWN 🙌he blesses us 🙏🏾

  23. lRetro

    lRetro6 months ago

    -1:10 1.25 speed go to hard

  24. capalot j

    capalot j6 months ago

    We need a ft on this no cap

  25. M SESAY

    M SESAY6 months ago

    Yeah this new sound it

  26. The STANster

    The STANster6 months ago

    I need this on Apple Music

  27. OGEnvy

    OGEnvy7 months ago


  28. Pierliss Cooks

    Pierliss Cooks7 months ago

    A boogie da hoodie my AP drown🗣🪐

  29. RPG ZAY

    RPG ZAY7 months ago

    this lowkey better then true story yall sleepin

  30. CowwGX

    CowwGX7 months ago

    i was here before the mil

  31. Swipe Jesus

    Swipe Jesus7 months ago


  32. TeeWhy

    TeeWhy7 months ago

    But this on Apple

  33. Claudir Charles

    Claudir Charles7 months ago

    “Your Bitch Be Grabbin My Nuts Like I’m Damon” I’m Dead💀🤣

  34. Rashaad Williams

    Rashaad Williams7 months ago

    Sound like lil Keed

  35. Jevon Snoddy

    Jevon Snoddy7 months ago

    Why isn’t it in Apple Music tho

  36. 200littleman

    200littleman7 months ago

    Wakanda forever get X’d standing up 🤮 🙅🏾‍♂️rip Chadwick Boseman doe


    UNDAGROUNDLINK7 months ago

    So FIRE!

  38. Abner Castro

    Abner Castro7 months ago

    Really good just a lil off beat but firee

  39. Abner Castro

    Abner Castro7 months ago

    @UrTechAssist ohh, ight bro lol

  40. UrTechAssist

    UrTechAssist7 months ago

    Abner Castro yea dats jus his flow his old shi even more off beat 😂

  41. Abner Castro

    Abner Castro7 months ago

    I dont want you to think I'm hating on him either cuz its the complete opposite but he just sounds slightly off beat, but the sonf is fire

  42. Abner Castro

    Abner Castro7 months ago

    @Storygocrazy ok well I do🤣 but its still good so don't be mad at me that I said he a lil off beat uk lol

  43. Storygocrazy

    Storygocrazy7 months ago

    Man I don’t hear it

  44. Seandell Coleman

    Seandell Coleman7 months ago

    Hol on mate da fuk is u Australian

  45. justin wright

    justin wright7 months ago

    Finally you post it

  46. RXLPH '

    RXLPH '7 months ago

    OH MY GOD 😩

  47. JVABOY

    JVABOY7 months ago

    I will pull out the smith no entanglement 😂🔥

  48. Female Doggy

    Female Doggy7 months ago

    Xan too hard 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Vhsjay

    Vhsjay7 months ago

    Thought bro was deleting

  50. derrick hutchison

    derrick hutchison7 months ago

    Finally my son on beat best song yet

  51. Cmc Jocc

    Cmc Jocc7 months ago

    *I Was A Fan But Now Ima Air Conditioner* 🥶

  52. Gxdly Legend

    Gxdly Legend7 months ago

    I love when you make that sound fuck fuck fuck yeah babe

  53. V A L L E Y

    V A L L E Y7 months ago

    rod wave brother

  54. Maxo Tookit

    Maxo Tookit7 months ago

    🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥 m.uslikes.info/house/hmeK3aSHzn2cmdg/video.html

  55. Blisofly

    Blisofly7 months ago

    did hard

  56. NessBANDS

    NessBANDS7 months ago

    Fire 🔥

  57. Musical Orion

    Musical Orion7 months ago

    Glock made him pray to the lord he was atheist

  58. Indicasesh

    Indicasesh7 months ago

    Yessss sirrrr

  59. Dylan2kruddy

    Dylan2kruddy7 months ago


  60. Slick Cy

    Slick Cy7 months ago

    Gotta black and silver glock I play for the raiders🔥🔥🔥

  61. Slick Cy

    Slick Cy7 months ago

    This shit sooooo fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. miikey

    miikey7 months ago


  63. Tramaine Lamm

    Tramaine Lamm7 months ago


  64. Matthew Van Niekerk

    Matthew Van Niekerk7 months ago


  65. Mike Tv

    Mike Tv7 months ago

    Bro stop making love music it’s not for you

  66. amir

    amir7 months ago

    Xan should have blew up before rod wave

  67. Red pill Paz

    Red pill Paz4 months ago

    @Based Sasuke you can see this one easily but conscious x is. GOAT

  68. Based Sasuke

    Based Sasuke4 months ago

    @Red pill Paz conscious x huh?

  69. Red pill Paz

    Red pill Paz5 months ago

    There the same person. Rod wave is wearing a Xan man mask! Wake up

  70. Pucro

    Pucro5 months ago

    I be saying that same shit

  71. Jared T

    Jared T6 months ago

    If he made XXL he would’ve

  72. gocrazytrezy

    gocrazytrezy7 months ago


  73. brandon dickens

    brandon dickens7 months ago

    Slept on smh

  74. Aaron Jenkins

    Aaron Jenkins7 months ago

    Xan x lil uzi make sound remix

  75. Drxp-playz

    Drxp-playz7 months ago

    this bih crank 🔥

  76. FNM BigL

    FNM BigL7 months ago


  77. Ge Be

    Ge Be7 months ago

    I got the drake you a think I’m Canadian🤢

  78. Frosty Zane

    Frosty Zane7 months ago

    this fucking slaps🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Jaylin Harris

    Jaylin Harris7 months ago

    Moody is gonna crank so hard

  80. almighty_kells kells

    almighty_kells kells7 months ago

    This sound by xan was godly asf🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

  81. almighty_kells kells

    almighty_kells kells7 months ago

    D.J. Toney facts

  82. D.J. Toney

    D.J. Toney7 months ago

    He gotta make more like this

  83. Bob TheWaiter

    Bob TheWaiter7 months ago

    GOAT 🐐 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  84. Heyy Jugg

    Heyy Jugg7 months ago

    Xanman ain’t deleting this

  85. Kobebeanryan

    Kobebeanryan7 months ago


  86. Kid Glo

    Kid Glo7 months ago

    that fucking picture hahahahaha

  87. Bless Pitblue

    Bless Pitblue7 months ago

    Big xan I love when YOU make that sound

  88. Greeninn-

    Greeninn-7 months ago

    “I WILL pull out the SMITH no entanglement” Xanman too hard 😂😂

  89. Kenny Brown

    Kenny Brown7 months ago

    Genius 😂

  90. Carl Kpsplucky

    Carl Kpsplucky7 months ago

    I’m bout to cry, xan never disappoints 🔥🔥

  91. KING T

    KING T7 months ago

    Ohhhh yeaaa💯💯

  92. N West

    N West7 months ago

    Xan don’t delete it dawg we need this

  93. kcuf

    kcuf7 months ago


  94. Unreleased Trackzz

    Unreleased Trackzz7 months ago


  95. G2K

    G2K7 months ago

    Shout out to all the niggas that’s just goin download this before he delete it

  96. prodby rae2k

    prodby rae2k7 months ago

    Go in

  97. Planet Lean

    Planet Lean7 months ago

    He leaked the song himself

  98. Donnell Grierson

    Donnell Grierson7 months ago

    hey xan don’t delete this bruh 💯

  99. playboi beckford

    playboi beckford7 months ago

    Yess sir

  100. Zion Marin

    Zion Marin7 months ago

    Whoo hoo hoooooo 🥵🥵🔥🔥

  101. Siah 777

    Siah 7777 months ago

    I fucked a bitch to your song bro

  102. Sean McRae

    Sean McRae7 months ago

    Best rapper ever I be cranking xan like he the only rapper in the world

  103. Ty Rango

    Ty Rango7 months ago

    Getting better.

  104. robbiebenz!

    robbiebenz!7 months ago


  105. Darnell Cole

    Darnell Cole7 months ago


  106. Jalen Ferris

    Jalen Ferris7 months ago


  107. Step Vro oxy

    Step Vro oxy7 months ago


  108. CQuinte Chika

    CQuinte Chika7 months ago


  109. NBH Ching

    NBH Ching7 months ago

    Keep’m coming cuzzo 💯🔥

  110. Kamerin Greene

    Kamerin Greene7 months ago

    Another banger

  111. Eugene W

    Eugene W7 months ago


  112. 침착해상대는대머리야

    침착해상대는대머리야7 months ago

    yo xan plz don’t do delete dis song

  113. Heyy Jugg

    Heyy Jugg7 months ago

    Xanman ft me on my page 🤫