Xanman - I'm Trynna Yeah [Official Music Video]

Xanman - I'm Trynna Yeah
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Directed by @JVABOYTV
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Directed by: @iamjvaboy
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  1. Xanman

    Xanman10 months ago

    OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW 💚: Xanman.lnk.to/ImTrynnaYeah

  2. Braden2fly

    Braden2fly5 months ago

    Got potential no cap

  3. BGM jayon

    BGM jayon8 months ago

    Xanman900 a god

  4. Anthony Velez

    Anthony Velez9 months ago



    HIGH TOLERANCE9 months ago


  6. G Man

    G Man9 months ago

    Me when

  7. 6 BLOCKKA

    6 BLOCKKAMonth ago


  8. Wayne Patterson

    Wayne PattersonMonth ago

    Who thought this was gunna?


    XMXXTV2 months ago

    Who else looked up “I’m trying yeah “😂

  10. StatiK

    StatiK2 months ago

    Rod ocean

  11. VloneCarpet

    VloneCarpet2 months ago

    im tryna yeah 💕

  12. Harpish Parry

    Harpish Parry2 months ago


  13. Suavee

    Suavee3 months ago

    who been here since he was teasing on ig then as soon as he posted it

  14. Ash2xFn

    Ash2xFn2 months ago


  15. Alex Eaton

    Alex Eaton3 months ago

    One of my favorites of 2020 definitely!

  16. Joe Mamma

    Joe Mamma3 months ago


  17. Mikeyy Vercetti

    Mikeyy Vercetti3 months ago

    The original version is still missed till this day

  18. Gliccup

    Gliccup3 months ago

    Yessirr bro

  19. Alexander Beach

    Alexander Beach4 months ago

    he ain't off beat, he just playing 4d chess with that beat

  20. HaleyXO

    HaleyXO4 months ago

    this entire song is off beat instead of the main melody

  21. Smaccs Jay

    Smaccs Jay4 months ago

    The song is literally called I'm tryna yeah why cant people find this?

  22. Smaccs Jay

    Smaccs Jay4 months ago

    Rod wave son?

  23. pr1nxes-wrld 999

    pr1nxes-wrld 9994 months ago

    𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕙 0:41🥶🥶

  24. EpikIso

    EpikIso4 months ago

    Is it me or it sounds like he can’t keep up wit the beat!

  25. Aven Mays

    Aven Mays4 months ago

    Put Palestine Texas on you!

  26. Israel Fausto

    Israel Fausto4 months ago

    The “im tryna yeah” sound like gunna

  27. Elijah Sherbin

    Elijah Sherbin4 months ago

    the intro is slept on

  28. Various Artists - Topic

    Various Artists - Topic5 months ago

    Them Adlibss 😭😭🖤

  29. Great Ekamon

    Great Ekamon5 months ago

    stupid man

  30. Great Ekamon

    Great Ekamon3 months ago

    @y e talk rubbish he is stupid

  31. y e

    y e3 months ago

    @Great Ekamon he ain't stupid

  32. Great Ekamon

    Great Ekamon3 months ago

    @y e why?

  33. y e

    y e4 months ago

    Shut up

  34. NotYourAverageNegro

    NotYourAverageNegro5 months ago

    TOP 20 DMV RAPPERS VIDEO uslikes.info/house/lZdv3dSn13ydiNQ/video.html


    X YRGJORDAN X5 months ago

    “23 in the clip like that bald guy” 😂

  36. Keyz SuperEffective!

    Keyz SuperEffective!5 months ago

    I bern fucking with xan 2 years

  37. Benito

    Benito5 months ago

    Is it or me sound like Gucci down

  38. Balenciaga Fetish

    Balenciaga Fetish5 months ago

    Here 4 months later still slappin dis

  39. Life of Mari

    Life of Mari5 months ago

    Go ahead Cuzzo 🔥🔥

  40. MyExtendedKlip

    MyExtendedKlip5 months ago

    who thought it was better w out th guitar

  41. ?*

    ?*5 months ago

    Here before tik tok

  42. Toxic _yt

    Toxic _yt5 months ago

    What happened to the females

  43. Kingston Jackson

    Kingston Jackson6 months ago


  44. Baby Fazzo

    Baby Fazzo6 months ago


  45. C WW

    C WW6 months ago

    Grammy nomination 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 just in case y’all ain’t know

  46. Devonte McCoy

    Devonte McCoy6 months ago

    Who the hell nominated this and not midnight for a Grammy😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  47. PinkBunnyWabbit

    PinkBunnyWabbit6 months ago

    Grammy NOMINATED ! Vote LOCAL!!

  48. Goat Juice

    Goat Juice6 months ago

    Where’s the instrumental?

  49. Script S

    Script S6 months ago


  50. Phyllis Gayheart

    Phyllis Gayheart6 months ago

    I want 2 stop listening but it's so FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

  51. ZannyXp

    ZannyXp6 months ago

    When you got no girl you use manacan

  52. Javian Garcia

    Javian Garcia6 months ago

    this rod wave??

  53. RobbyBean

    RobbyBean4 months ago


  54. Unrealeased _. Trap

    Unrealeased _. Trap6 months ago

    Me thinking gunna made this song 😭😭😭😂

  55. blu3wrlds

    blu3wrlds6 months ago

    Mans is so underratted he fire broooo

  56. RYZE

    RYZE7 months ago

    According to your mood you can either hear “im trynna yeah” or “im trying yeah” or am I trippin.

  57. lucy1738

    lucy17387 months ago

    He had a big change in his songs

  58. Ivan Kacic

    Ivan Kacic7 months ago

    I miss the old xanman 😰


    NIGHTLIFE7 months ago

    Who actually from the dmv?

  60. Louie Batch

    Louie Batch7 months ago

    Xanman ft Heyyjugg - ina street jus dropped its fire go get hip 💯‼️

  61. ZillGlodified

    ZillGlodified7 months ago

    Who here from twitch streamers ???

  62. Lamar Savage

    Lamar Savage7 months ago

    Is this rod waves brother?

  63. Dal Jones

    Dal Jones7 months ago

    Moment of silence for people who thought this wouldn’t hit a million views

  64. Mazo_4Times

    Mazo_4Times7 months ago

    I needs find this beat

  65. Naruto -

    Naruto -7 months ago

    Why imitated 69 with the movement of money

  66. myiah ‘ latrease tv

    myiah ‘ latrease tv7 months ago

    Xan mom:wanna got to McDonald’s Xanman:yea yea im trynna yea yea I’m trynna yea😂😂😂😂

  67. Tara Lucero

    Tara Lucero7 months ago

    one piece

  68. Rambo-YT_- _

    Rambo-YT_- _7 months ago

    This guy like rod wave if he wasn’t in his feelings like if u agree?????

  69. Graveyard 100it

    Graveyard 100it7 months ago

    Gucci Down 2.0?

  70. Tameem Ahmed

    Tameem Ahmed7 months ago

    This is Fr Heat

  71. Couli

    Couli7 months ago



    BRKNWARRIOR_1238 months ago

    Dude needs a deal if he ain't got one already 💯

  73. Alex Guest

    Alex Guest8 months ago

    Yeah bro

  74. itzjustJd

    itzjustJd8 months ago

    Bruh I kept seeing this shi on Snapchat as an ad 😭

  75. T Shady

    T Shady8 months ago

    He look like he could be rod wave son

  76. BOA Beats

    BOA Beats8 months ago

    Hard xanman type beats on my page

  77. justin wright

    justin wright8 months ago

    I remember when he said it’ll be as big as Gucci down and I would say it’s on the same level but xan man goes you crazy if you don’t think so 😏

  78. Tacos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Tacos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ8 months ago

    cartier frames on my eyelidsssss hol up

  79. C4StayTrending

    C4StayTrending8 months ago

    This man only make tik tok bangers😂

  80. Slimeo

    Slimeo8 months ago


  81. Ariyadna Kintania

    Ariyadna Kintania8 months ago

    Im visit This because daniel veda The bomb digz

  82. Atlantaboy jay

    Atlantaboy jay8 months ago

    Rod wave cousin hard af 🔥😭

  83. NeverFull

    NeverFull8 months ago

    Fam neck never made it to 2020. but he got hits tho

  84. D DamnDiesel187

    D DamnDiesel1878 months ago

    In case y'all ain't know pudgeman is tryin yeah

  85. ske13ok

    ske13ok8 months ago

    I was at Xanmans exorcism in 2004. Cool guy!

  86. ayan a

    ayan a8 months ago


  87. PandaGaming

    PandaGaming8 months ago

    If you didn’t come tiktok you live in the dmv fa sho

  88. Virus- MARCUS

    Virus- MARCUS8 months ago

    He reminds me of gunna🥶

  89. Romia Cervera

    Romia Cervera8 months ago

    Been waiting for this to drop🤸‍♀️


    TISAKOREAN 18 months ago

    Imagine if this isn't gonna be on 2k21

  91. Emmanuel Cesaire

    Emmanuel Cesaire8 months ago

    1 million yes sir

  92. BGM jayon

    BGM jayon8 months ago

    I'm tryna yeah🎸🎸 like this up if you real fan of xanman

  93. VorteXGalaxy

    VorteXGalaxy8 months ago

    Who else from the DMV 👇

  94. Dolphy

    Dolphy8 months ago

    He underrated

  95. Terry finesse anderson

    Terry finesse anderson8 months ago

    Best song out 🔥🔥🔥

  96. ASAP LJ

    ASAP LJ8 months ago

    Original beat went way harder...He fumbled the bag.... 🤦🏾‍♂️

  97. Cmc Jocc

    Cmc Jocc8 months ago

    *Imagine Scrolling Through The Comments An Seeing Mines* 😏

  98. Mimi OnOne

    Mimi OnOne8 months ago

    This st8 fieeeee

  99. Corey Coka

    Corey Coka8 months ago

    I got a new Gucci coat no this ain’t Fashionova!

  100. DeeYae Gesg

    DeeYae Gesg8 months ago

    1:31 Sound like Gunna 😭

  101. Pet Elephant

    Pet Elephant8 months ago

    Rod Wave Son

  102. Matthew Hastings

    Matthew Hastings8 months ago

    Rick Flair he been rapping way before rod wave even popped off

  103. VorteXGalaxy

    VorteXGalaxy8 months ago

    DMV $hit 🔥


    BOYZ MARON8 months ago

    I see he monetize now

  105. Tsar da Meezie

    Tsar da Meezie8 months ago

    Maryland slang 101🤣🤣🤣

  106. LuhTJ X22

    LuhTJ X228 months ago

    High key thought he was saying I’m trying again 🔥🔥 both fire

  107. Almighty Walk

    Almighty Walk8 months ago

    I hope you monetize this my boy🤦🏾‍♂️

  108. WezzyWrld

    WezzyWrld8 months ago

    Aye Xanman... Jihh went yeah on this track!!🔥🔊

  109. Dorrion 4thewin

    Dorrion 4thewin8 months ago

    Y’all DMV niggas a trip everything y’all get come from Baltimore y’all just say moe

  110. Dorrion 4thewin

    Dorrion 4thewin8 months ago

    I fuck wit xan tho

  111. Queto East

    Queto East9 months ago

    "I take u in the trenches dont get catch up in that cross fire"

  112. Joseph Dixon

    Joseph Dixon9 months ago

    Say cheese put me on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  113. kmoney Johnson

    kmoney Johnson9 months ago