Xanman - I'm Trynna Yeah (Slowed) [Official Visualizer]

Xanman - I'm Trynna Yeah (Slowed)
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  1. Joseph Davenport

    Joseph Davenport3 months ago


  2. Lazarus Aggrey

    Lazarus Aggrey5 months ago

    Can we get the soundtrack

  3. Niy YaDaddy

    Niy YaDaddy6 months ago

    If you not from the DMV...You might not understand the I’m Tyna Yeah part fully🤣

  4. Chili

    Chili5 months ago

    @JayTee he means how we say yea

  5. JayTee

    JayTee5 months ago

    I’m frm Texas n know what this mean

  6. 7174

    71747 months ago



    CAM2GLOBAL7 months ago

    My fav part when he say "I'm tryna yeaahhh"🎤😩

  8. Midnite Myke

    Midnite Myke7 months ago

    Wya holmes 😏🔫

  9. Lil Indi FN

    Lil Indi FN7 months ago

    Here before tiktok eventually uses it

  10. Midnite Myke

    Midnite Myke7 months ago

    Stick 🔫 in the party like who started it

  11. Tokyo Sage

    Tokyo Sage7 months ago

    Here B4 10k views

  12. Yuh It’s Von

    Yuh It’s Von8 months ago


  13. Anthony Goudeau

    Anthony Goudeau8 months ago

    Yea baby yea they all mine feelin like stunna I’m just tryna hit ya 4x🎶🤘🏾

  14. Drake Harris

    Drake Harris8 months ago

    Something I gotta listen to when I'm high and chilling

  15. sevi‧

    sevi‧8 months ago

    *slowed this shit heat ong.*

  16. 100% Jesus

    100% Jesus8 months ago

    O a slap

  17. T.D Hilfiger

    T.D Hilfiger8 months ago

    im tryna yeaaaa

  18. threetha. thadon

    threetha. thadon8 months ago

    or custom at 0.8

  19. threetha. thadon

    threetha. thadon8 months ago

    if you wanna be mad chill play it on 0.75 !

  20. Abdalhadi Rashid

    Abdalhadi Rashid8 months ago

    finna come back when this hits one milly it is at 5 thou rn!

  21. Travion Jones

    Travion Jones8 months ago

    🔥that’s all I gotta say

  22. Tallyjit850 4kt

    Tallyjit850 4kt8 months ago

    When other music dropping

  23. extinvt

    extinvt8 months ago

    y’all know this lyrics sippin sprite I need something to lean off. Is that a song from him?

  24. ・*°☆°*⓪*°々°*・

    ・*°☆°*⓪*°々°*・8 months ago

    I’m tryna yeah 🤠🤠🥴

  25. crxspy

    crxspy8 months ago


  26. R

    R8 months ago

    Play speed at 1.25

  27. Lazarus Aggrey

    Lazarus Aggrey5 months ago

    Shit scared me

  28. Lord Asmodeus

    Lord Asmodeus8 months ago

    *For them wishing the song longer.*

  29. Yvng Folks

    Yvng Folks8 months ago


  30. yacha!

    yacha!8 months ago

    For those of yall trying to figure out why this is up it's cause he got all of the slowed + reverbed songs on this deleted then posted his own. Shits kinda low when we got hella people out here tryna grow their channels. smh but Xan you still my favorite rapper.

  31. yacha!

    yacha!8 months ago

    @tharealtrilla You got me there buddy.

  32. tharealtrilla

    tharealtrilla8 months ago

    Grow their channels at his expense??

  33. CrabbyTv

    CrabbyTv8 months ago

    I’m tryna yea😴

  34. Big Swaggy J

    Big Swaggy J8 months ago


  35. Tbk Chi

    Tbk Chi8 months ago

    just dropped this lmk yo opinions ! 🤯⚡️uslikes.info/house/e6mksZeOro6Pf8w/video.html

  36. ʜᴋᴅ Acatalepticᴅᴏᴏzʏ

    ʜᴋᴅ Acatalepticᴅᴏᴏzʏ8 months ago

    Hell yea bro 🤘🏻

  37. slluttyj

    slluttyj8 months ago

    Before 3k gang

  38. hate

    hate8 months ago

    ouuu i been‼️⚠️

  39. Heirr

    Heirr8 months ago

    Tik Tok niggas TWEAKING rn

  40. wolf pack 1020

    wolf pack 10208 months ago

    Yeah! ‼️

  41. Keoh

    Keoh8 months ago

    If you fw his videos you’d prolly fw mine 🤷🏽‍♂️💯 come subscribe to support me and my daughter 🙃❤️

  42. Giovanni Escobar

    Giovanni Escobar8 months ago

    0.75x fire 🤫


    ALA SUPREME8 months ago


  44. Zay Zay

    Zay Zay8 months ago

    bro this shit go hard asf

  45. Shnawn Bennett

    Shnawn Bennett8 months ago


  46. Heirr

    Heirr8 months ago


  47. tyjais

    tyjais8 months ago

    here before 1K, who else ?

  48. __ darealdurtydann

    __ darealdurtydann8 months ago

    man so he was really saying "im tryn get it" this whole time ?

  49. __ darealdurtydann

    __ darealdurtydann5 months ago

    @Lazarus Aggrey nah the title is "tryna yeah" and he saying "tryna get it"

  50. Lazarus Aggrey

    Lazarus Aggrey5 months ago

    The title literally says what he is saying

  51. Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen8 months ago

    Trying yeah

  52. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe8 months ago

    These type of XanMan songs are whack as fuck

  53. Balenciaga Fetish

    Balenciaga Fetish8 months ago

    Here before a mill

  54. ooFaygo

    ooFaygo8 months ago

    Here before 1mil

  55. Joee

    Joee8 months ago

    Moe why this shit crank better than the regular version

  56. nathan enadeghe

    nathan enadeghe8 months ago

    Bruh I already know these tiktokers gonna get on this quickly.

  57. 28blockGANGTAE

    28blockGANGTAE8 months ago


  58. djdkdfkdkxj

    djdkdfkdkxj8 months ago

    This go crazy🤧

  59. jalen mcdizzy

    jalen mcdizzy8 months ago

    boutta go crazy on tiktok

  60. Lil 6ix

    Lil 6ix8 months ago

    I thought this was part 2😞

  61. Vlout

    Vlout8 months ago


  62. Pandiii

    Pandiii8 months ago

    If u make more music videos yo shi will get a fuck ton of recognition bc ppl love to see the creative videos u can make and hear the fye songs w it

  63. 4rosty

    4rosty8 months ago

    shits slaps kkep putting out bangers

  64. TahjWtf

    TahjWtf8 months ago

    Big plug nxgga

  65. ykclap

    ykclap8 months ago


  66. omgryann

    omgryann8 months ago

    here before 1k views lol

  67. Brendon Egge

    Brendon Egge8 months ago

    Lov u Xanman u what me and tha homies be sparking too

  68. Your Toxic

    Your Toxic8 months ago

    This will most definitely be on TikTok

  69. lartueNVibess

    lartueNVibess6 months ago

    We're here before that

  70. threetha. thadon

    threetha. thadon8 months ago

    frl ik it is

  71. slluttyj

    slluttyj8 months ago

    mfs take everything

  72. RixhFlair

    RixhFlair8 months ago

    1.25x for normal version lol

  73. Ty

    Ty8 months ago


  74. Mari Monaee

    Mari Monaee8 months ago

    This so fye 😍

  75. JxstCheese

    JxstCheese8 months ago


  76. Reekstir

    Reekstir8 months ago

    here b4 1 mill

  77. Azurahs World

    Azurahs World8 months ago


  78. Tre Tre meets Treshaun

    Tre Tre meets Treshaun8 months ago

    I'm tryna yeah🐐🐐

  79. lilreem

    lilreem8 months ago

    Big Xan always gon y’all his shit ...keep it goin

  80. tell JC

    tell JC5 months ago

    im trynna yeah

  81. Tevin Gosie

    Tevin Gosie7 months ago

    im trynna yeah

  82. Globoy Tayy

    Globoy Tayy7 months ago

    I’m trynna yea

  83. Team Haze

    Team Haze8 months ago

    Bad bitch want some lui now

  84. tyjais

    tyjais8 months ago

    i’m tryn yeah ...

  85. Ny'sim Miller

    Ny'sim Miller8 months ago


  86. Yung Gawdly

    Yung Gawdly8 months ago

    I thought he dropped this with the original beat

  87. Its Percs

    Its Percs8 months ago

    He did

  88. fred benoit Bondje

    fred benoit Bondje8 months ago


  89. SammiNotSammy2x

    SammiNotSammy2x8 months ago

    Every nigga don’t me he beta knowww

  90. 103 Caleb

    103 Caleb8 months ago


  91. Fly Harris

    Fly Harris8 months ago


  92. Wow Again

    Wow Again8 months ago

    Immmmmmmmmm tryyyyyyyyynnnna yeaaaaaaaah

  93. Drippy Dajuan

    Drippy Dajuan8 months ago

    All these dam bots🤦🏾‍♂️

  94. YouKnowItsJay

    YouKnowItsJay8 months ago

    Facts🤦‍♂️annoying asf

  95. KyngManny

    KyngManny8 months ago


  96. Tylik Briston

    Tylik Briston8 months ago


  97. DRAKO TV

    DRAKO TV8 months ago

    bet xan dont respond

  98. 312. Tye

    312. Tye8 months ago

    Repeat after me in the Comments “Yeah!‼️”

  99. Papi Zoh

    Papi Zoh6 months ago


  100. Josiah Walton

    Josiah Walton8 months ago


  101. juice

    juice8 months ago

    Broke the chain

  102. Official Samson

    Official Samson8 months ago


  103. NessBANDS

    NessBANDS8 months ago


  104. Zamar Gassaway

    Zamar Gassaway8 months ago


  105. Bxiwe

    Bxiwe8 months ago


  106. trillestleek

    trillestleek8 months ago

    Hey shoot

  107. RixhFlair

    RixhFlair8 months ago

    U doing too much bro. The song didn’t do what u wanted to do. Go back to the hype shit. Let this song go

  108. KeyooNoLimit

    KeyooNoLimit8 months ago

    This song hard asf

  109. o DB x Vibes o

    o DB x Vibes o8 months ago

    Xan man please idk if your reading This but made u a edit for I know wanna check it out?

  110. OTL.2flyyrichh G

    OTL.2flyyrichh G8 months ago

    Shii still crank moe

  111. ssgdash

    ssgdash8 months ago

    I’m tryna yea😃👍.

  112. Becil

    Becil8 months ago

    Slowed and reverb xan 🤟🏽😔

  113. DMV Workz14

    DMV Workz148 months ago

    Aye I’m tryan yeah

  114. Lil Step13

    Lil Step138 months ago


  115. DJ YPSI

    DJ YPSI8 months ago

    Talk to me xan🐐🖤

  116. Draco Domo

    Draco Domo8 months ago

    Old xan> come back 🥺

  117. DevoGoBrazyy

    DevoGoBrazyy8 months ago


  118. YaBoyFxde

    YaBoyFxde8 months ago

    EARLY GANG☄️☄️

  119. Suppanova

    Suppanova8 months ago


  120. sothatsskay TM

    sothatsskay TM8 months ago


  121. ZAYMOVEIIN- -

    ZAYMOVEIIN- -8 months ago


  122. Chidenso

    Chidenso8 months ago


  123. CallMeJanco

    CallMeJanco8 months ago


  124. Myles Huff

    Myles Huff8 months ago


  125. YungDream

    YungDream8 months ago