Xanman - Shake It (feat. Tisakorean) [Official Audio]

Xanman - Shake It (feat. Tisakorean)
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  1. Marshall Mathers

    Marshall MathersMonth ago

    Aint tisakorean that guy who made the coco puffs song? 🤣

  2. RGM AK

    RGM AK7 months ago

    Sb make a instramental

  3. Prod. Soloky

    Prod. Soloky9 months ago

    it sound like xanman didn’t wan do this feature😂

  4. Ryan Cundiff

    Ryan Cundiff9 months ago

    Bro trippie🤦🤣don't bring up trippie now

  5. Unknown n199a

    Unknown n199a11 months ago

    Would be better wit out Tisa

  6. 2900 jae

    2900 jae11 months ago


  7. SLATT 3

    SLATT 3Year ago


  8. Lungelo Dlamini

    Lungelo DlaminiYear ago

    this shooter with dreads must mean a lot to my man xan

  9. Kxritoo

    KxritooYear ago

    Tik Tok gonna run this down😭

  10. Cordvisuals

    CordvisualsYear ago


  11. noevilkhris

    noevilkhrisYear ago

    Any thing on da move list💪

  12. captain stain

    captain stainYear ago


  13. Female Doggy

    Female DoggyYear ago

    Lmao this a tiktok song easily rip

  14. big brah

    big brahYear ago

    The hook is tic Tok money 💰 fasure

  15. AntiSocialSpray

    AntiSocialSprayYear ago

    Can't catch that nigga but I know who can🔥🔥😈

  16. Mj Sosxgse

    Mj SosxgseYear ago

    Watch I give it a month 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. MotiveFire

    MotiveFireYear ago

    Anything xan say into a mic 📈💸

  18. KKona

    KKonaYear ago

    xanman always kills me with his shooter with dreads lines xDD

  19. Termzly

    TermzlyYear ago

    I saw he had tisa on this and I was like wow

  20. Anthony Mabery

    Anthony MaberyYear ago


  21. PimpPlaza.com

    PimpPlaza.comYear ago

    Who droppin as much as xanman tho 🤔🔥

  22. cook’

    cook’Year ago

    why would you do a song with this weak ass nigga.

  23. KobeisGoated

    KobeisGoatedYear ago

    This is gonna be tik tok

  24. JustKax

    JustKaxYear ago

    Shoota with dreads it’s red Trippie 😂😂

  25. Noah Valentine

    Noah ValentineYear ago

    Here before it blows up

  26. Scuffy 420

    Scuffy 420Year ago


  27. Jayden

    JaydenYear ago

    Tiktok gonna take this

  28. Music Plugz

    Music PlugzYear ago

    Hi Tik Tok😐

  29. Clutch God

    Clutch GodYear ago


  30. AbeGotBeatz

    AbeGotBeatzYear ago

    This a vibe🔥🔥🔥🔥🥶

  31. Big Swazay

    Big SwazayYear ago

    you different holmes😂

  32. Jtramaine00

    Jtramaine00Year ago


  33. Heirr

    HeirrYear ago


  34. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago

    You’re so bad

  35. 4 5

    4 5Year ago


  36. XanStyle

    XanStyleYear ago

    I don't have a name no cap 😂😂😂 jit on every song hating

  37. Anthony Sergnese

    Anthony SergneseYear ago

    Anahí Kelly why u hating on every song if u don’t like then fuck off

  38. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago


  39. Kenton Jordan

    Kenton Jordan10 months ago

    @Anahí K how about yo goof ass make some music then

  40. Herry Yon

    Herry YonYear ago

    Heard the beat and Knew Tisa was finna kill it Xan killed it too

  41. KMT KEY

    KMT KEYYear ago

    Claim your before 20k pass ⬇️

  42. Shelove Slump

    Shelove SlumpYear ago


  43. nick name

    nick nameYear ago

    Alr kno its hard didnt finish

  44. 999Versace

    999VersaceYear ago

    This song would be better if TisaKorean wasnt on this song...

  45. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago

    Inferno Gaming he made the song better xanman is horrible

  46. CasinoGuap

    CasinoGuapYear ago

    u right

  47. Konvictt

    KonvicttYear ago


  48. Kameron Dodge

    Kameron DodgeYear ago

    Xan the goat

  49. Trxggatee

    TrxggateeYear ago

    I ard see dis bihh on tiktok


    BCG FRØSTYear ago


  51. Unfunny

    UnfunnyYear ago

    Who here before 1k?

  52. KoolanK

    KoolanKYear ago

    Dolce Gabbana dang it Xan 🔥🔥

  53. Flowgod Z

    Flowgod ZYear ago

    "Netflix, head so good I recommend it"🤣🔥🔥🔥💯

  54. Yk KennyYT

    Yk KennyYTYear ago


  55. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunderYear ago


  56. slurvro

    slurvroYear ago


  57. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunderYear ago

    Gotdamn this how boutta hit

  58. Immanuel Williams

    Immanuel WilliamsYear ago

    Everything he say is a bar🔥

  59. Cherelle Hood

    Cherelle HoodYear ago

    Literally asf

  60. Rvk Fhfbh

    Rvk FhfbhYear ago


  61. MadoF cavz

    MadoF cavzYear ago

    This how many people who couldn’t wait for the heat 🔥

  62. ImNoRe

    ImNoReYear ago

    Cant catch a nigga. I know who can 😳

  63. Pyro

    PyroYear ago

    I can’t keep up xan too many bangers at once

  64. ImNoRe

    ImNoReYear ago

    I feel like Tik Tok is gonna ruin this

  65. aX

    aX23 days ago

    I’m so happy tiktok never found this

  66. Preglasan

    PreglasanYear ago

    yeah most probably

  67. Female Doggy

    Female DoggyYear ago

    ImNoRe lmao

  68. ImNoRe

    ImNoReYear ago

    UrTechAssist ik i just said that bc all the DMV niggas would agree.

  69. Female Doggy

    Female DoggyYear ago

    UrTechAssist he def made it for tiktok lmao

  70. ChayWorld

    ChayWorldYear ago

    Claim your before 100,000 pass 👇🔥🔥🔥

  71. MBM richie

    MBM richieYear ago


  72. Yhkung Locc

    Yhkung LoccYear ago

    Put him in a box like Roddy ricch😤😤💯🔥

  73. Yhkung Locc

    Yhkung LoccYear ago

    True but for him to freestyle everything & shit still be 🔥🔥 day boi got sum

  74. _thatdoublelife815IL

    _thatdoublelife815ILYear ago

    I fw xan but that bar so played out. he got way better ones

  75. Yakree

    YakreeYear ago

    Claim your before 1k pass ⬇️

  76. Nate

    NateYear ago


  77. sanjingle 513

    sanjingle 513Year ago

    Claimed 🔥

  78. slluttyj

    slluttyjYear ago


  79. NS 13

    NS 13Year ago


  80. lenny peralta

    lenny peraltaYear ago

    Fire tho

  81. lenny peralta

    lenny peraltaYear ago


  82. Zio

    ZioYear ago

    First ten comments gang 🤘🏾

  83. brandan robinson

    brandan robinsonYear ago


  84. ice

    iceYear ago

    when xanman and justin rarri drop at the same time 🔥🔥

  85. Batman

    BatmanYear ago

    who tf listens to justin rarri🤣🤣

  86. Anahí K

    Anahí KYear ago

    Vlone Mari imagine listening to Justin rarity lol

  87. DarkSoulBambino

    DarkSoulBambinoYear ago

    I tagged both you niggas in some shit on instagram yesterday then y’all drop a hit together 😂😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Jashunee

    JashuneeYear ago


  89. Cristian Sanchez

    Cristian SanchezYear ago


  90. ilyDaJon

    ilyDaJonYear ago

    Xanman dropping hella heat today 🤩🤩🤩

  91. flmorgue

    flmorgueYear ago


  92. Stuckxinspace

    StuckxinspaceYear ago